Incentives to blog: the iron blogger

Benjamin Mako Hill has set up the “Iron Blogger.”  The Iron Blogger is an effort to precommit oneself to blogging at least once a week.  If not, you owe Mako $5 which goes into a common pool of money – for get-togethers.   Here are the rules and participants (which include StrategyProfs very own Karim – so we can expect at least a weekly post from him).  Presumably you have to be a Bostonian to participate.

The effort has some links to Ulysses tying himself to the mast to avoid the Sirens.  For some social theory on this, check out Jon Elster’s book Ulysses Sirens: Studies in Rationality and Irrationality, Cambridge University Press.

One Comment on “Incentives to blog: the iron blogger”

  1. I suppose you don’t *have* to be in Boston to participate. But if you’re not, you’re basically just subsidizing our get-togethers. :)

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