Typosquatting as a strategy: faecbook, twitterr

Businessweek has a piece on “typosquatting” – the strategy of buying up the misspelled domain names of popular web sites like twitter and facebook — faecbook, twitterr.  Apparently the practice is very common.  And, the most common misspellings generate significant traffic – for example, goggle.com had 824,850 unique visitors in September of this year.

So, there’s some work that studies the phenomenon of typosquatting, the origins of common mis-spellings (“fat finger”-effect), perpetrators etc.  Here’s a paper by Tyler Moore and Benjamin Edelman (pdf),   Measuring the perpetrators and funders of typosquatting.

From the above paper – here’s a comparison of candidate typo domains (based on established measure) compared with found domains.  (Looks like there are still some opportunities out there.)

Here’s what the typo-domains are used for.

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