Sidney Winter is against the cult of the lightbulb

Sid Winter doesn’t like “the cult of the light bulb.”  Worth watching. (I disagree with his argument, for many reasons, but that is beside the point. Interesting lecture.)

5 Comments on “Sidney Winter is against the cult of the lightbulb”

  1. Polynices says:

    I was half-expecting a talk decrying the move away from burning things for light.

  2. Indy says:

    This feels like a little of a straw man discussion – is there really anyone out there denying the role of cumulative understanding (for example) ?

  3. teppo says:

    Indy: Well, there’s lots and lots to be unpacked in this conversation. History versus theory, effect size at individual versus collective levels, questions of imputation and theoretical focus, etc, etc. We’ll return to these issues in upcoming posts.

  4. […] inventions (including theories and technologies) are inevitably invented.  (This links nicely with Sid Winter’s thesis.) Thus we shouldn’t focus on or celebrate mythic “heroes” who happen to get […]

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