What are the best strategy conferences?

It’s election time and the end of conference season, I suppose.

But isn’t it always the conference season? The AoM deadline is around the corner and it’s probably a good time to plan for the year ahead. A while back, Teppo posted about which are the best strategy conferences. This generated some nice discussion but this might be a good time to return to the question. However, rather than stating my opinion, in the spirit of the election season, let me put the question to you in the poll below. (you can see the results after you vote. Note that the order is randomized)

5 Comments on “What are the best strategy conferences?”

  1. Peter Klein says:

    Is there a handicap for conferences with a masseuse?

  2. To Russ and his fellow SP bloggers:

    Based on these survey results accumulated in the poll above, do you think it would be fair and accurate for ACAC to claim to have been “voted the #1 small strategy conference by the readers of StrategyProfs.com”?

    If so, then I will suggest to Bill that he should add that as a tag line to all ACAC announcements and literature.


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