New Resource: Carpenter’s Strategy Toolbox

Some of you may remember Mason Carpenter’s old teaching web page with experiential exercises, videos, and other tips for teaching strategy. I’ve repackaged his content, added some of my own materials, and it can now be found at:

A quick tip is that you can now sort the resources by topic (click the category list on the right). I included the most common broad topics in a core strategy course so this should get you to something useful quickly. Probably most importantly, there is a mechanism so people can submit new tools and comment on exiting tools to keep the site fresh.

To give you a feel for it, here are links to a few exercises and resources that you might find particularly useful:

  • Global Alliance Game (focus is on the search for complementarities and hazards in negotiating to take advantage of them).
  • Tinkertoy exercise (focus can be resources, first mover advantage, strategy under uncertainty, or strategy process — among other things).
  • Jay Barney Video (teaching the RBV).
  • Planning vs Luck Video (also below) depicts two lions waiting for their an antelope to present itself (is it luck or a good plan?).

Please check out the resource and contribute . Also, let me know if you have suggestions for how to make it better!

One Comment on “New Resource: Carpenter’s Strategy Toolbox”

  1. amerkhan says:

    Reblogged this on Class(ic) Stories and commented:
    Ha ha…. I was thinking of starting something similar for undergrads studying the generic ‘business strategy’ unit! Anyway, no point reinventing the wheel…. the youtube videos are absolutely a must for generating class discussion.

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