Crowdsourcing Experiments, Mechanical Turk, ‘n stuff

The Economist has a piece on how crowdsourcing and tools like Mechanical Turk are transforming science: “the roar of the crowd.”  Here’s the blog dedicated to help scientists set up their experiments on Mechanical Turk, Experimental Turk.  I’m guessing it is a matter of time before some strategy-related experiments get done on Mechanical Turk – here’s probably a few such pieces (well, just a very loose search of mechanical turk+smj+mgtsci).

One Comment on “Crowdsourcing Experiments, Mechanical Turk, ‘n stuff”

  1. Ivan Z. says:

    If interested in this kind of stuff, you might also want to take a look at Aguinis & Lawal (2012) – Conducting field experiments using eLancing’s natural environment.

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