Disrupting education

Lots of talk about education being disrupted (here are some previous links).  Here are a few links:

Here’s some info from a year in EdTech Trends:

Million Dollar Moments

Yes, we saw big M&A deals this year: Pearson plunked down $230 million for Schoolnet and another $400 million for Connections Education. Permira Fund wrestled PlatoLearning for the privilege of paying $455 million for RenaissanceLearning. ePals debuted on the Toronto exchange. Edtech M&A activity was north of $1.6 billion this year.

Here are a dozen top edtech investments this past year:

  • $33M                      Knewton
  • $32.5M                   2tor
  • $30M                      Kno
  • $20M                      CampusBookRentals
  • $17M                      Inkling
  • $17M                      Zeebo
  • $13M                      Edmodo
  • $11M                      Dreambox
  • $10M                      ConnectEDU
  • $10M                      MyEDU
  • $8M                        Instructure
  • $7M                        Grockit

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