Crowdfunding ideas, campaigns and businesses

Lots of great platforms out there for funding ideas, campaigns and businesses. I like this movement toward “democratizing funding” – provides lots of opportunities for both entrepreneurs and funders themselves.

The funding models of course vary significantly – with kickstarter you are simply donating funds, with Kiva you can get involved with microfinance and loans in third world countries, Angel List allows for equity investments in start-ups, Loud Sauce focuses on funding media campaigns, etc.  Many of these operate on a “threshold” funding system.

  • Kickstarter – contribute to ideas (my sister successfully raised funds through Kickstarter to produce a CD).  Go to the site – it’s sort of addicting to look through all the projects.
  • Angel list – angel investing on the web.
  • Loud sauce – help fund media campaigns (currently raising money for the Occupy TV campaign).
  • Kiva – peer to peer microfinance.
  • Prosper – peer to peer banking.

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