Reality distortion field and strategy

I’ve been reading the new Steve Jobs biography and I find the possibilities of the “reality distortion field” quite promising for strategy (well, we do have lots of research on “framing” that indeed relates).  When I worked in venture capital, I saw lots of entrepreneurs try to distort reality, some successfully, many not.  Perhaps more on the RDF concept once I’ve finished the 571-page book.

Here’s Dilbert poking fun (click below).  The use of superlatives (particularly by Jobs) in Apple product launches was simply ridiculous – but, in the end, his spell seems to have worked on many (including me: I use a lot of Apple products).

5 Comments on “Reality distortion field and strategy”

  1. RussCoff says:

    Do you think its a good idea to lower the quality of discussion by posting cartoons?

  2. teppo says:

    I know, I know. Since it fit – I thought I would add it to the mix. Though I have only seen a handful of Dilbert cartoons, either ones that you, Russ, have used in a presentation (or, Jeff generally tends to have them handy).

  3. RussCoff says:

    I was obviously kidding. Scott Adams does seem to target some very real organizational phenomena and, since they are searchable on keywords, the relevant ones are easy to find…

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